Sigfox Ready Wireless Transmitters

Your world seamlessly monitored

Wirelessly Monitor Virtually Anything

Your world seamlessly monitored

New Announcement 

OleumTech Launches the World’s First Class I, Division 1 Sigfox Ready Transmitters

Sigfox users can now benefit from OleumTech’s CID1 Intrinsically Safe wireless sensor nodes.
These will be the safest wireless sensor transmitters available within the Sigfox network, presenting numerous benefits to users.

400,000+ Transmitters Deployed Worldwide and Counting...

OleumTech’s self-contained, battery-powered wireless transmitters are transforming how data is gathered in the field.

Sigfox Ready Wireless Transmitters by OleumTech

The OleumTech® Sigfox Ready Wireless Transmitters are designed for deployment anywhere in the world that Sigfox has network coverage. By leveraging the Sigfox Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) network, you can take advantage of the world’s leading Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity service, offering a software-based communications solution where all the network and computing complexity is managed in the Sigfox CLOUD.